Friday, April 22, 2011

Ch Ch Changes

Soo many changes!

First off, I got a job! Months and months after I applied for a position at St. Mary's I got a call back for an interview. Went in and felt really good about it. A few days later I was asked to interview at a Dentist's office. Went in for the interview and was offered the position. I took the position and was filling out the paperwork when I got a call from St. Mary's hospital offering me a full time position. It was a hard choice to make but ultimately St. Mary's won. I start full time Monday thru Friday from 8am to 5pm on the 2nd of May!

Most of you know we had a fire a few weeks ago. We had to wipe everything off and put it in boxes while we painted. Well, we've been wanting to buy a house for some time now and realized that now was the perfect time to do it. No use in unpacking everything from boxes only to box it all back up in a few months again. So we met with our loan officer and he got us pre-approved for a loan!

Everyone keeps telling me "don't rush!" or "Take your time". Well, here's the deal.... if we can get the loan processed before I start my job on May 2nd we qualify to use CHAFFA (an awesome program that helps out Colorado first time home buyers, only $1000 down.) If we wait, we miss out on a great opportunity. So we went out and looked at a slew of houses all within our ward boundaries. Our poor Realtor. We were certainly picky! We had a specific area that we wanted to look because we don't want to change boundaries at church, we have a very specific price range, and specific needs for the house like sq. footage and bedrooms and everything. Well, she found us a great house behind Zoey's school that was a hud home. It needed a lot of love but it was mostly cosmetic. We really really liked it and decided to put in an offer... only to find out that it was already under contract. DANG! We were really disappointed and we started to talk about what houses we liked and just couldn't get on the same page at all. What I loved he hated, what he loved I thought was way too small. We decided to pray and wait until after we went through the temple to make a choice.

Jon and I woke up this morning with the same house in mind.(If you knew how different our wants were yesterday you would know this was huge!) It only has 3 bedrooms right now but we have the potential to make a fourth really easily. We decided that we would go ahead and make an offer today. We're going in way lower than what they're asking for so we're pretty sure they're going to counter offer but we'll see what happens. I can't wait!

Along with starting a new job and buying a house Jon and I are preparing to go through the temple. We're making two trips, one for our endowments and one for our sealing a week later. We are so excited and have been studying Moses a lot lately. We have an interview with the Stake Pres on the 26th for our recommends!

Exciting exciting but also very stressful. We've sure been tested a lot lately and we know that Satan is trying everything in his power to keep us from making our spiritual goals. We're staying close to each other and close to our Heavenly Father so he can't slip in the cracks.

So that's it! Exciting exciting changes! We'll post more later!

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