Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October Update

Slowly getting better about posting updates! Things have been consistently crazy this last month.

Jonathan has been covering vacations in Price and Moab almost every week. Luckily, my job allows me to go with him SOME of the time. AND this should be the last week he has to cover a vacation out of town for the rest of the year! His manager was nice enough to make sure that the last few weeks of the year that he will not be out of reach just in case the baby decides to come early. As crazy as his schedule has been, we're really lucky to have the solid work right now. Most the other drivers checks are coming in pretty small and Jon has made himself a valuable asset to the company. His position is very safe. Thank goodness for that!

Zoey had her first parent teacher conference tonight.... dun dun dun. We were a little worried before hand because we had been getting back some bad reports from the teacher. It seems our bright little girl gets a little bored in class and likes to do things "her way." Her teacher told us that if it's not on "Zoey's Agenda" that it's not going to happen. LOL that statement is sooo accurate! So knowing beforehand that she had been in a little trouble, we were afraid to see how she was performing in class. BUT, she's doing great! She's already improved so much from her pre-kindergarten testing. Her teacher is even putting her in the advanced group in the class because she feels it will provide enough challenge to keep Zoey focused in class. She'll be sent home with "spelling words" - more a sight recognition program that will prepare her for reading. We are so proud of her! Zoey has also started girl scouts! We have only had a few meetings and Zoey has already memorized the Girl Scout Promise and earned the center of her Daisy that she'll sew on her vest!

Gavin is turning 3 on Friday! What has happened to the last 3 years? Jon spent all morning putting the finishing touches on his Super Why cake. Gavin is really into Super Why right now. It's a PBS cartoon that has super heroes solving problems by reading stories. His personality is growing stronger every day! He most definitely is keeping us on our toes. We're having his birthday party on Saturday. A fall harvest/Super Why birthday party. We're going to paint pumpkins and make Carmel apples and play games. It should be a lot of fun!

I'm now officially in my third trimester and have only 11 weeks left. Boy, how time flies! This pregnancy has been much different from when I was pregnant wit Gavin but it's overall going well! It seems I may have reached an agreement with my boss that will allow me to work from home once the baby is born. I'm pretty happy about that! I love my job but know my priority must be my family or my whole life will fall apart. So I think this will provide a pretty good balance for us all. I've volunteered to be Zoey's Daisy Girl Scout Leader along with my mom and one other parent, Kate. It has been so much fun so far! I love all the girls and especially love the feeling that I'm contributing something to my community now. I'll let you all know when cookie sales are coming up so that you can help miss Zoey out ;)

That's about it for now. We love you all!!!

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