Thursday, February 3, 2011

Starting an Additional Blog

Hey guys!

I don't want to be one of those people who are constantly creating new email addresses and blogs and blah blah blah. BUT.... I got this idea for a blog not too long ago and I want to get it going.

I have a couple guilty pleasures when it comes to blogs.

The first? I love to click on my friends blogs and then up in the top right corner of the screen hit "Next Blog". I have found the COOLEST blogs this way! I seriously can sit and click "next blog" for hours. I don't know these people... I've even randomly and anonymously commented on some of their posts. I know it's geeky but what can I say.

Second guilty pleasure? This is a new one for me. I was reading a friend's blog and he pointed out that one of HIS guilty pleasures was to check his "stats". I didn't even know what that meant until he posted that blog. NOT FAIR, CHARLIE! I was totally cool not knowing how many people view my blog. But now that I know how to check, I do it all the stinkin time.

Okay...back to the new blog thingy. Well one day while I was browsing through blogs I stumbled across a blog of a family who had lost their baby over the summer while they were on vacation. I had mentioned this in a previous post a few months ago. This poor family lost their little girl so suddenly and were totally devastated by it. In order to cope with their grief the family started writing letters to the baby as if she were still alive but on a vacation or somewhere far away. I thought it was a great way to deal with such a hard loss. I dwelt on this idea for quite awhile and then I had this thought: I thought it would be so neat for my kids to have letters written by their mommy that they can look back on as they get older, and maybe even after I'm gone. So I wanted to start a blog writing letters to my kids about the little things that are easily forgotten over time. The things that I cherish so much right now. BUT then my idea grew again on me. I don't want to limit it to ONLY my children. I thought I could start a blog of letters to everyone who touches my life.

I'm not FANTASTIC as writing letters, but I do think that I can put my feelings and thoughts better in writing than speaking them. Did that make sense? LOL

So here's the deal, I'm starting a new blog. I'll keep this one for more detailed explanation of things going on in my life, but will probably update the other one more often. Thanks for being such great friends and following my blog. I hope you'll follow this one too! http://

Thanks Guys! I love ya!


  1. Oh, cool! That's a nice idea! I'll definitely check it out.

  2. I can't get to your other blog... :( What am I doing wrong? It's a wonderful idea.


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